A feather in her cap, or a fire in her belly?


A feather in her cap, or a fire in her belly:

Such are the twin engines of a possible Hillary run.

They won’t both fire, though; only one.

If appetite consumed her, she’d have made her decision.

If a feather is her motive, she’ll surely lose.


Mrs Clinton is on tour promoting her book Hard Choices
published by Simon and Schuster.

Kerry and Clinton in 2016

John Kerry Official Portrait 2013No, Kerry isn’t running for president, but he sure looks presidential these days.  The man who was so painfully awkward as a presidential candidate has come into his own as secretary of state, where his outstanding personal qualities shine to an almost dazzling degree.  I have enjoyed hearing his firm voice spell out American views fearlessly, and even call out Dick Cheney as dead wrong on the PBS Newshour the other day.  Kerry’s perspicacity, conviction, and personal power are more evident now than at any point in his distinguished political career.

More than that, he is palpably comfortable with leading.  The stiffness of his patrician face has finally softened into one that’s warm and even smiles sometimes.

Kerry between interviews at the State Department (Monroe Room)As Democrats contemplate an almost certain presidential run by Hillary, they may as well as themselves, why not Kerry?  Or some combination?

Kerry’s amazing grasp of foreign policy, forthright patriotism, and chops in the military, would beautifully complement Hillary’s more charismatic, everywoman style of leadership and politicking.  Both are broadly experienced and command wide respect in their party and beyond.  Moreover, concerns about Mrs Clinton’s health and whether she has the stamina for the top job are not going to go away.  Even I have my reservations, while wishing the best for her should she run.  Kerry’s evident vigor, intellectual maturity, and unquestionable fitness for the presidency make him an ideal running mate, one whose presence on the ticket would silence these qualms.

Text © 2014 Susan Barsy
Images: Courtesy of the US State Department; click on images to go to the source.

Obamacratic Gossip

Michelle Obama during Monday's Inaugural Ceremony (Image taken from PBS Newshour coverage)

I heard it first from the security guard in my office building.  We were chatting about the inauguration, when he grew animated.  “What’s going to happen after this?” he abruptly asked me.  “The Democrats don’t have anyone to come after Obama.  They only have one person.  You know who it is?”  It astonished me to realize he meant the First Lady.

“If that happens, I’ll tell everyone I heard it here first,” I replied, taking his words as a measure of the fervid loyalty the First Family enjoys in some camps.  Whether Mrs. Obama, who has never held public office and was a reluctant first lady, would ever contemplate a presidential run seems doubtful to me.  She’s an entirely different sort than Hillary Clinton, who, since her school days, has been a political animal through and through.

Imagine my astonishment, then, when I ran across this image on a heavily visited website (The Obamacrat) that assumed the same thing: that a Michelle Obama candidacy would be viable in 2016.  If nothing else, this incipient “draft MO” movement suggests how ready citizens of perhaps any nation are to place their trust in established political families, fueling a dynastic element that has been an unmistakeable and constant feature of American politics, as evident during the Federalist era as it is today.

Photograph of Mrs Obama
made from PBS Newshour coverage of Monday’s presidential inauguration.

What will Michelle Obama do with four more years? Yahoo.com


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