Introducing Continental Chicago

Victory gardener in a rail yard (Courtesy Library of Congress via The Commons on Flickr)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reorganizing the content of OUR POLITY and spinning off the local and regional material into a new place-based website called Continental Chicago.

Continental Chicago will serve in the future as the primary venue for my work on Chicago and the Midwest, and as home for my contemporary photography and occasional travel and nature writings.  Visit the website by clicking here.

OUR POLITY will retain its focus on topics of national interest and concern.  It will continue to feature writing on the political parties, American history, historical photography, federal governance, culture, and political reform.  The slimmed-down version of the website’s archives consists solely of A-list writing on national themes.

If you have any doubt about where to find material that originally appeared on OUR POLITY, please consult the Index Page, which includes every item ever published on the site along with a hyperlink to its current location.

I welcome your feedback on the changes.  Thank you for your readership!

Susan Barsy

Victory gardener in a Chicago rail yard, April 1943.
From this source.

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    • Oh, yes, I can issue stock and share the dividends, too. . . . would you care to invest?
      Seriously, I hope in time to recruit other contributors to Continental Chicago and perhaps sell advertising on it too.



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